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Plexiglas Air Conditioning Ventilation Window Insert Panels / 4 Easy Steps to Complete Success!

Plexiglas Air Conditioning Ventilation Window Insert Panels / 4 Easy Steps to Complete Success!

GoIndustrial brand Acrylic window panels for air conditioner installations are custom-made solutions designed to enhance the effectiveness of portable air conditioners. and their ducted venting.

We can laser-cut to match your opening size from 3/16” thick industrial-grade, optically clear acrylic sheet in all our local stores.

  • Purpose and Benefits:
    • Seamless Connection: These panels seamlessly connect your portable air conditioner to the window, ensuring a snug fit.
    • Improved Cooling Efficiency: Many users face inefficient cooling due to poor sealing around their windows. Acrylic panels create a tight seal, preventing hot air from re-entering the room and enhancing cooling efficiency.
    • Crystal-Clear Material: Made from recyclable acrylic, these panels offer exceptional clarity.
    • Removable and Non-Damaging: They can be easily removed without causing damage to the window.


  • Precision Fabrication:
    • Laser-Cut Precision: Cutting-edge laser technology ensures precise and accurate panel dimensions.
    • Strata-Friendly: These panels enhance visual appeal without compromising functionality, making them suitable for strata properties.


  • Installation Process:
    • Measure Your Window: Accurate measurements are crucial. Consider any handles or obstructions.
    • Custom Cut: The panels are custom-cut to fit your specific window dimensions.
    • Match your Vent: Your exhaust vent kit is used to create a CNC cut connection port.
    • Secure Installation: Install the panel securely to create an airtight seal.


  • Applications:
    • Sliding Doors: Adapt portable ACs to sliding doors.
    • Transom Windows: Ideal for transom windows.
    • Various Window Types: Suitable for vertically opening, casement, hung, and tilt windows.
    • Patio Doors: Can be used with patio doors.
    • Apartment & High Rise Windows: Block noise, not light!


  • Who We Work With:
    • Property Management Companies: We partner with property management companies for efficient installations.
    • Strata Corporations: Exclusive supplier in many Vancouver buildings.
    • Airbnb Properties: Fast and efficient installations between guest visits.
    • Homeowners: Low Cost and easy to DIY install these durable panels.
    • Renters: Renter-friendly, removable, with no damage to your window frames. Avoid fines for using solid-panels!


Custom Cutting and Local Delivery in Victoria, Richmond, Mission, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Courtenay and Calgary!

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