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About Us

About Us

Industrial Plastics & Paints is Your Project Store for Plastics, Resins, Coatings & Composite Materials for Makers, Manufacturers, Artists, Educators, and the Professional Trades located throughout Western Canada.

Delivering Innovative Products, From Top Quality Brands That Solve Unique Problems in Industry

We are Committed to Providing Our Customers With The Best Experience Possible.

Our Unique Blend of Products
Very few competitors in our markets offer the type of products that we sell, so customers must generally buy from multiple online suppliers to outfit their projects, where we strive for a "total solution".

The In-Store Experience
Our team has application and product knowledge that is second to none. While it takes decades to master the entire product line, our goal is teach our staff how to decode and interpret the very technical complexities of the products we carry, and reduce the risks for our customers when using these materials. We maximize your opportunity for a successful project.

We Solve Sourcing Problems
Customers come to us when they do not know how to find specific items in our areas of authority. We fulfill a sourcing/procurement role for customers who do not have the time or resources to find what they need through alternate sources. We are the solutions company with the unique experience to find what they need from our extensive supplier network and back-catalogue of products.

Our Start in Industrial Wholesale Innovation:

Our business was started in Victoria, BC Canada by two WWII Veterans just after the war ended. While serving in the Canadian Air Force, these two had witnessed firsthand, the development of Industrial Plastics in the aviation industry as a space-age construction material. So, when they returned from the war, they opened a small plastics fabrication shop on Store St. in Victoria, BC. Since that time, we have grown to 7 Western Canadian locations in British Columbia and Alberta and a 24/7 E-Commerce portal serving all North America.

Each of our locations is a stocking industrial warehouse for our wholesale customers, acting as your procurement and logistics partner. If you cannot find what you need in our extensive catalogue, our Business Solutions team is happy to help source to your specifications.

We also pride ourselves for offering a full-service fabrication capability at every location, for your cut-to-size plastic stock shapes, as well as bending, forming, bonding, welding nearly anything made from industrial plastics.

Open to the Public: While the heart of our company is industrial wholesale, we have always supported the residential DIY customers, pro-hobbyists, and aspiring artists. All of our retail showrooms are open to the general public, and our staff are trained to help you understand your product goals so that we can best direct you to the products that will bring you the most success. DIY Done Differently Industrial Plastics & Paints offers product solutions that you cannot find elsewhere with the experience to help ensure you succeed every time.

Over the years, Industrial Plastics & Paints has continually expanded our product line to help our customers solve problems, partnering with top-quality brands such as IPS/Weld-On, Benjamin Moore, SystemThree, Interlux Paints, SmoothOn, West Systems, Liquid Rubber, Coosa Marine, and many, many more.

The core of While these products have been readily available to customers in the vicinity of our Western Canadian stores, customers that are further afield have expressed frustrations at not having easy access to our fantastic product line. So in 2012, we introduced our eCommerce site to provide access to customers.

Our History of Delivering Solutions!

  1. 1951
    The company is formed by two returning WWII vets after witnessing the impressive performance of plastics in the aviation industry. A small fabrication shop in Fort St. in Victoria, BC under the name of Industrial Plastics opens!
  2. 1975
    Industrial Plastics starts supplying our GoIndustrial “House Brand” product line of resins, chemicals, and coatings. We celebrate 40 years of service!
  3. 1978
    Industrial Plastics starts to expand with a location on the mainland opening our branch in Richmond.
  4. 1993
    Industrial Plastics obtains a premium brand of industrial paints and partners with Consolidated Coatings. As part of this, we rebrand to Industrial Plastics & Paints. We expand our presence with the opening of a branch in Kelowna, BC to serve the Okanagan region.
  5. 1994
    A franchise operated by John Cripps, opens in Courtney, BC, servicing the Comox Valley & North Island.
  6. 1999
    SystemThree Resins buys out Industrial Formulators, kicking off our continued partnership under their new branding. Bringing an expanded high-performance line of professional epoxy solutions to Canada.
  7. 2000
    Y2K passes and Industrial Plastics & Paints expands again with a franchise opening in SE Calgary, operated by Mae & Tibor Barna. West System® epoxy line is added, quickly becoming a “core product” for the marine repair industry.
  8. 2001
    Industrial Plastics & Paints celebrates 50 years of wholesale and industrial solutions! Starboard® Marine Board plastic sheeting is added as a material solution for marine builders & repair.
  9. 2002
    Further expansion with the opening of our Port Coquitlam branch, serving the entire Fraser Valley.
  10. 2004
    Twinwall Polycarbonate sheeting is introduced, replacing older technologies for outdoor coverings, sunrooms, pergolas, and green houses.
  11. 2008
    Our Flagship Victoria Store moves into its current 18,000sft location at Cloverdale Avenue, servicing the entire Southern Vancouver Island.
  12. 2010
    High-performance commercial paints for Strata Maintenance and Property Managers is added to our impressive portfolio of products.
  13. 2012
    Industrial Plastics brings our unique line of plastics & resins to the 21st century with the launch of our E-Commerce site, serving all of Canada and beyond.
  14. 2014
    Industrial Plastics expands into Movie, Film & TV industry with products like Smooth-On castable resins for set-dec & props.
  15. 2015
    A major advancement for Pothole & Asphalt repair with Aquaphalt® being introduced to Canada, revolutionary DOT/MOT approved “cold patch compound” to repair roads, parking lots and other paving damage.
  16. 2016
    Specialty materials for Cosplay is launched, offering materials like Worbla, EVA foam sheets & specialty latex paints for creative designers making Cosplay and professional costuming.
  17. 2018
    RotoPax® gas tanks are brought in with options for water, diesel, gas, and storage. We offer customers their entire expanded line including the new RollPax® Fuel & Water storage solutions.
  18. 2022
    Industrial Plastics & Paints is strategically purchased by The Redco Group, a Canadian-owned company comprised of experts in industrial plastics and polymer wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing. Industrial Plastics complements their portfolio of companies.
  19. 2023
    A range of innovative new products is added, including Coosa Marine Board® composites, SuperStratum® Mold and Mycotoxin remediation, along with the environmentally friendly wood finishing products of the Osmo® Specialty wood finishes.
  20. 2024
    To stay at the forefront of customer service and being easy for our customers to deal with, we launch a new E-Commerce solution, providing our full line of products to customers through a safe and secure online payment portal.

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