Tech Specs

Ames'® Blue Max® is a special blend of adhesive, high strength elastomeric liquid rubber. It is a new, impenetrable, rubber technology for waterproofing in extreme wet situations such as below grade foundations, basement walls, and cisterns. It is high in solids and dries to a tough 800% elastic membrane that resists cracking and peeling. Blue Max remains flexible from -30° to 150° F. Ames' Blue Max is impervious to water when applied in a uniform and seamless fashion with adequate millage. It flows into cracks and crevices as a liquid and sets up as a durable rubber to seal leaks wherever they occur. Ames® Blue Max™ is UV sensitive and must be topcoated if exposed to sunlight.

Ames'® Blue Max is also an excellent coating for ICF (insulated concrete forms), as well as metal, wood, concrete, and many other applications. The adhesive qualities in Ames'® Blue Max actually glue surfaces together and strengthen wall construction. Ames'® Blue Max outperforms isocyanate urethanes, and works well as a primer and waterproofing membrane for Ames’ products such as Ames'® Safe-T-Deck™, Ames'® Snow Seal®, Ames'® Maximum-Stretch™, Ames'® Block & Wall™, Ames'® Iron Coat™ and many other coatings. Ames'® Blue Max must be top coated for UV protection in exterior applications.

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