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The Bird-B-Gone Balloon is a visual deterrent used to frighten birds away from specific areas.

The Bird-B-Gone Balloon is a visual scare device, when birds see the bright colors, predator eyes, and reflective surface; they will be confused and frightened and want to avoid the area. It effective for all species of pest birds.


Bird-B-Gone Balloons are ideal for outdoor areas where birds have become a problem including:

  • Trees / Fruit trees
  • Docks
  • Patios & Gazebos
  • Docks & Boats


The Bird-B-Gone balloon is a visual bird deterrent used to scare pest birds away from outdoor areas. The balloon is made from a weather resistant vinyl plastic, and is about the size of a standard beach ball. There is a “mock” predator eye printed around the sides of the balloon that is surrounded by a shiny reflective surface. Each Bird-B-Gone Balloon has an eyelet mounted atop for easy hanging.


  • Made from UV & weather resistant vinyl
  • Each balloon has a 16" diameter when inflated; about the size of a beach ball
  • Inflatable Visual Scare Pest Bird Deterrent
  • Confuses birds with lifelike reflective predator eyes & markings


Each Bird-B-Gone Balloon comes with reflective decals, flash tape and twine. To install the Bird-B-Gone balloon, remove from package and inflate – add the decals to the center of each eye, and tie the strips of flash tape to the bottom of the balloon. You can hang the balloon using the twine provided. You will want to hang the balloon in front of the area where pest birds are a problem. If you plan on using your Bird-B-Gone Balloon in a pool, it is recommended that you fill the balloon ¼ with water for anchoring.

Package contents:

X1 - Balloon w/ string, reflective eyes, & tail

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