Tech Specs

C-COAT is the hierarchy of coating solutions developed by CECCORP. This family product is determined to provide clear-diamond quality coating for numerous applications and contrasting surfaces. It is a two-part, low viscosity, clear, epoxy system, designed to create a high-gloss, clear decorative coating for horizontal surfaces. It will prevent the surface from marring, denting and minor scratches. C-COAT cures to an amazing clear, glass-like, tough finish. It is a great choice for woodworking projects, it is excellent as a wood sealer prior to the application of your favorite topcoat. C-COAT is perfect for coating bar and tabletops, plaques, photographs, certificates, diplomas, and clocks.

• Water Resistant, Blush Free, Pourable, Self-Leveling, Non-Yellowing, UV Resistance, Heat and Alcohol resistant, Crystal Clear, Easy Application

• Nonyl Phenol and Benzyl Alcohol Free. 100 % Solids, no solvents and Low odor

• To create three dimensional effects apply multiple coats

• C-COAT enhances the natural beauty of most woods, providing a deep and rich look

• Can be applied over wood, metal, glass, stone, fiberglass...

• Note that after mixing it looks cloudy but once its mixed it will be transparent

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