Tech Specs

Cut-to-Size Sheets of General Purpose (GP) Grade, Clear Polycarbonate (PC) sold by the Square Foot.

These are sold as Square Feet, Quantity = SFT and cut to your specifications.

Please indicate your special notes and requirements in special order notes on the cart page after adding SFT quantity to the cart.

Polycarbonate (PC) is the material compound that may be known under its trade-names:

Lexan™, Makrolon™, AZCarb™, Palsun® or Tuffak™

Polycarbonate sheet gives you excellent optical clarity in an extremely high impact strength, durability in service and proven safety value. Polycarbonate sheet offers aesthetic properties, resistance to the elements and the ability to be bonded, fabricated and formed.

Due to its extreme toughness, special carbide tipped tooling and professional-grade tools are required to safety and effectively fabricate this material.

POLYCARBONATE is different from acrylic; polycarbonate is almost unbreakable, if hit it will dent but it will not break.

It is softer and less rigid than acrylic, and will scratch more easily.

General Purpose (GP) grade is not UV stable. In sunlight it has life of 5 to 10 years. A UV treated version is available with 1-side or 2-sides UV protected.

It is lighter than glass, but will scratch more easily than acrylic or glass.

For larger or thicker sizes and for a variety of colors please contact your local store for pricing and availability. Or call 1-800-667-1757

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