Tech Specs

High Precision, Stunning Details

The 9.25-inch screen enables 198×123×210mm build volume, an 11% volume increase compared with an 8.9-inch screen.

The screen also features 6K resolution with 350:1 high contrast, delivering what you want with exquisite model details.

Integral Light Source - Makes a Difference

Our self-developed integral light source boasts 5500 μW/cm² light intensity and ensures print success across the whole build plate. It can print 0.1mm micro-holders for complex models and speed up printing together with the LCD screen of 7% high light transmittance.

*Integral Light Source: 12 LED modules, 93% and above light evenness achieved by reflection & refraction engineering.

Connected and Smarter Printing Experience

Get great models, then slice and print them, all with the Creality Cloud APP, as long as the machine is connected to WiFi. Real-time remote monitoring and recording with an HD camera can visualize the joy of creation.

Upgraded HALOT OS

The HALOT OS features device-software-cloud synergy. Users can print through a USB disk, Creality Cloud APP, HALOT BOX, and the online model library of the printer. It supports OTA online updates.

The 5-inch HD multi-touch screen with visualized UI and 14 preset languages makes it easier to use.

Powerful Slicer: HALOT BOX

Our brand new HALOT BOX comes with automatic defect detection and repair. It can also split a large model into smaller pieces, unleashing users' creativity.

Steady and Synchronous Movement

The Z-axis with dual linear rails is driven by an integrated motor, which guarantees printing stability and higher precision. With less printed layer deviation, the model gets a finer texture and smoother surface.

More Fun with Less Unpleasant Smell

The air filtration system with activated carbon and 4000RPM fan purifies the air every 30 seconds. A replacement reminder will occur when the activated carbon is used up.

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