Tech Specs

Insl-x® Decorative Floor Flakes are made of water-based
resin materials, inorganic minerals, additives and various
pigments. This unique product is integrally pigmented,
brilliantly colored, and random in shape, sized within a
standardized range and custom blended with infinite
options to achieve optimal appearance and texture
qualities in a wide variety of floor coatings.

Colourfast, UV
stable pigments
| Interior/Exterior use | Optimal flexibility & strength | Easy-to-use sprinkle top

Recommended for;

Garage floors, showroom floors, driveways, patios, laundry
room floors, pool decks, basements and more.

Decorative Floor Flakes are random in shape due to the
manufacturing process, and a small amount of finer particles will be present within each

Coverage per 12 oz.
container at Recommended
Distribution Rate
1.85 – 14 sq. m.

Coverage rates vary depending on customer
preferences and application techniques.

Insl-x does not guarantee exact coverage rates.

Additional Information


Apply your choice of flooring product (according toinstructions) in sections of about 1 by 1.2 metresstarting in a corner and working toward the open endof the floor. Sprinkle the decorative flakes onto thewet paint to get the look you desire. (Do not waitmore than 10 minutes before applying the flakes tothe first section).Gently toss the flakes up and let them drift down intothe wet paint. Then paint another 1 by 1.2 metresection adjoining the first and sprinkle flakes on thatsection as desired. Continue to paint the entire floorin sections sprinkling the flakes as you go. 

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