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CECCORP Instant Glue Metal is recommended for bonding metals, rubber and plastics, ceramic and most rigid materials. High viscosity allows to fill large gaps. 20 gm applicator tip bottle

Additional Information

  • Part A and B need to be mixed thoroughly in the correct volume ratio for 1 minute before use. Gel timeof the mixed product is 40-60 minutes at room temperature.Parts requiring bonding should be assembled and kept close without any stress. Assembling is continueduntil full curing takes place.Excess of the product can be cleaned with Acetone or any solvent-based cleaner compatible with thesubstrates to bond.For best results it is recommended to scratch (if possible) the surface then gently degrease and cleanthe excess material off the area.Note: shear strength will increase tremendously if bonding parts are allowed to cure at 80 degrees forone hour after the initial 24 hour cure at room temperature (if possible).Storage: Product must be kept in a cool and dry room at 10°C to 25°C. 

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