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Industrial Plastics Latex Rubber is an ideal product for making three dimensional molds. It is pre-vulcanized natural latex compund that contains 60% solids, which when cured will have the tough elastic properties of vulcanized rubber

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Industrial Plastics latex rubber can be brushed or sprayed onto the item to be copied. For the first coat make sure alll crevices are filled and no air bubbles are trapped. When the white colour starts to disappear and the amber color is apparent the next coat can be applied. The rubber will take approximately 10-20 minutes at room temperature to achieve a 100% cure. A typical should have a build up of 20-30 coats of latex rubber.

Mold releases are not usually needed but for pieces with a lot of detail use spray silicone or soap and water in a 1 to 1 ratio. The rubber mold should be washed after each casting to remove particles of plaster dust etc.

Cheese cloth can be used between layers to strengthen the mold and prevent buckling. Casting plaster can be used to back the cured rubber.

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