Tech Specs

MagicEzy Hairline Fix seals and colors stress cracks… FAST. The structural grade adhesion helps prevent cracks from spreading. Available in 11 colors. Repairs guaranteed for 3 years. Size: 12.9mL / 0.43 fl OZ resealable tube.

  • Repairs very fine cracks and scratches
  • Easy to use, one-part solution
  • Helps prevent cracks from spreading
  • Available in 11 colors
  • 3 year repair guarantee
  • 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee
Use on:
  • Fiberglass / Gelcoat – Boats, jet skis, kayaks, RVs
  • Ceramics & Stone – Tiles, bench tops, vanities
  • Showers, baths, basins & vanities
  • Most plastics* – Canoes, kayaks, dinghies
  • Aluminum and metal* – Boats, cars, appliances
  • 9 Second Chip Fix repairs for a gloss finish

*For plastic or aluminium surfaces, prepare the surface using MagicEzy Mega Fusion first.

Additional Information




1. Prepare

  • Do not use below 10°C / 50°F
  • Suitable for above the waterline use.
  • Scrape a pin point along crack to remove grime and dirt.
  • Wash/scrub soapy water into damage then rinse with clean water. Allow to fully dry in sun or accelerate dry with a hairdryer.
  • Rotate/shake the tube for 30 seconds for even consistency.

Color match?

Mix two or more colors on a clear plastic wrap. View new color when placed over the surface.

2. Apply

  • For plastic or aluminum surfaces apply a thin coat of MagicEzy MegaFusion Primer / Sealant and allow 2 hours to cure (at 70ºF/20º C).
  • Have a tissue ready in your spare hand.
  • APPLY a drop on the damage.

How do I apply on vertical surfaces?

To prevent slumping or for a fast dry use a hairdryer for 3 minutes to form a skin.

3. Level

  • Rapidly wipe the ‘LEVEL’ across the repair 5 times. FAST wipes help Hairline Fix penetrate deeply inside the damage.
  • Clean the ‘LEVEL’ with the tissue and TRIM off surface smears.
  • Some deep cracks may require several coats to fill completely. Allow at least 2 hours in between coats before re-applying (overnight is best).

How do I apply in hot/cold weather?

In temperatures above 90ºF (30ºC) lay a damp towel over the area until hand temperature is reached. Below 55ºF/15ºC set with hairdryer for 3 minutes.

4. Trim

  • TRIM to remove smears off the repair edge (but not the repair itself). Dampen or use a tissue to help clean-up if necessary.

DRYING time varies depending on temperature. FAST DRY using a hot hair dryer for 3 minutes + 30minutes cool down. NORMAL DRY: 2 hours (at 70ºF/20º C). It will harden overnight and achieve maximum strength and adhesion after 14 days.

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