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MIXOL is one of Europe's leading brands of multi-purpose tinting concentrates and over the last 45 years has proven itself as a reliable partner to individual craftsmen and the colour tone industry. Binder-free multi-purpose tinting paste enables the user to mix 33 MIXOL and 3 metallic effect concentrates on-site to achieve the desired color.

The increased demand for high quality and fast drying of varnishes, paints and other coatings has called for tinting systems, such as MIXOL® to expand their assortment of oxide shades. With our MIXOL®-Oxide tints our product range offers a number of inorganic pigments of outstanding quality and fastness that meet even the highest demands! The MIXOL® product range has always included oxide tints, although the variety of shades was limited. Now 15 magnificent MIXOL®-Oxide-Types are available! All MIXOL®-Oxide tints are inorganic mineral pigments, being the oxide of various metals. These hight quality products are light fast, weather proof and won’t fade. MIXOL®-Oxide tints are most important for outdoor application and when working with high quality, complex materials. For best results, use MIXOL®-Oxide-Tints exclusively, if you work with one of the following materials: n Silicate paints or silicate coatings n Mineral building materials n Silicone resin paints and coatings n Varnishes low in or free from aromatic compounds n Insulating varnishes, sealers as well as exterior paints containing solvents.

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