Tech Specs

Layflat Tubing is a continuous roll of polyethylene bag stock that has many applications. Most common is using thermal impulse heat sealers to create custom length bottom-sealed bags, but it can also be folded and stapled. It's useful while out fishing.. simply cut to length, pop in your catch, and knot off each end. Instant fish bag! Roofers and contractors use Layflat Tubing on the job site as a temporary ducting or downspout material.

We offer our layflat tubing in convenient 500 foot rolls with a 2.5 mil thickness which is suitable for most packaging applications.

Note: We also stock bulk rolls (averaging 25 pounds). The price and length of material on a bulk roll will vary depending on it's exact weight, so please Contact us to see what we have in stock

To determine the approximate diameter of the tube when open multiply 2 x the width then divide by 3.14

example ( 18" x 2 = 36") , (36" / 3.14 = 11.46" Dia)

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