Tech Specs

Experts prefer the sturdy HL 2020 E heat gun. The electronically controlled heat tool delivering 1,600 watts of power is easily operated via toggle, regulates temperature between 120 to 1,150°F and provides convenient handling with its LCD display. The residual heat indicator warns the user that the outlet nozzle is still hot. The precision adjustable heat and powerful blower make the HL 2020 E the ideal choice for virtually any application – heat shrinking tubes and sleeves onto cables, welding and many other challenging jobs.

Technical Specs:


1600 W


13.3 A


120 - 1150 ˚F (50 - 620 ˚C)

Airflow rate stage 1:

4 cfm (+/- 0.5 cfm)

Airflow rate stage 2:

4-8 cfm (+/- 0.5 cfm)

Airflow rate stage 3:

6-13 cfm ( +/- 0.5 cfm )

Temperature setting:

on display, in 10° F steps by toggle

Heating element:

ceramic heating element

Thermal cutout:




Double Insulated:


Power Cord:

Industrial grade rubber

Nozzle Diameter:

1.34” (34.00 mm)

Dimensions (l x w x h):

10.00” x 3.40” x 7.90”


120 VAC, 50/60 Hz


1.94 lbs (31.04 oz)


One year limited

In this kit;

  • HL 2020 E Heat Tool
  • Spreader Nozzle 75mm
  • Reflector Nozzle 14mm
  • Reflector Nozzle 39mm
  • Reduction Nozzle 9mm
  • Welding Nozzle
  • Plastic Welding Rod Assortment
  • Shrink Tubes
  • Plastic Welding Booklet
  • Catalog
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case

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