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Klenk's Fish Eye Eliminator eliminate the effect of fish eyes. Fish eyes, nasty little pea-sized craters in a finish film, occur when the wet finish surface tension keeps it from flowing over slippery contaminants on the work. Silicone oil is by far the most common culprit in fish eye formation. Sources of silicone contamination found while bathtub repainting include silicone caulking residue, silicone grout sealer and silicone found in hairspray. Silicone contamination is also very common in furniture refinishing, since many popular furniture polishes (such as Pledge) contain silicone oil.

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Thoroughly remove all traces of caulking prior to cleaning by scraping off caulking scrubbing with epoxy thinner and then scrubbing with ammonia. Contamination of paint with caulking residue may result in small circles where paint does not adhere (fish-eyes). Add 2 drops of FISH EYE ELIMINATOR to the paint if fish eyes occur. Recaulk after painting.

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