Tech Specs

The unique open profile cross action design of the Ribtrax tile has made it the most popular tile in our entire collection. It has earned its place as the most versatile and durable tile for many reasons, including it's ability to withstand extreme and adverse elements. A striking look paired with easy maintenance makes Ribtrax the premier choice for Commercial and Residential applications alike- including . . . boat decks, showers, garages, event floors, workshops, aircraft hangars, gym's, and patios in any climate condition. The overall strength and design of our Ribtrax tiles allows for heavy items such as rolling creepers, jack stands and tool boxes to sit or easily maneuver across the floor.

Ribtrax flooring tile's open profile design allows for an easy-to-maintain floor that also allows for drainage underneath the tiles. Ribtrax's open profile above and advanced channel system below, allows for an easy-to maintain floor that facilitates optimum drainage underneath the tiles. The O.75" height coupled with the cross-directional perforated design will also hide the under surface of the tile beautifully. Peeling epoxy, chemical stains or just plain unsightly concrete becomes an image of the past. Used for many commercial applications including, but not limited to, trade show exhibits and event floors. Ribtrax provides a standout presentation along with comfort.

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