Tech Specs

TECHNOLOK tiles offer a new and ingenious way to cover your floors. The TECHNOLOK interlock-ing system was specifically designed to withstand tough mechanical environments and handle heavy rolling loads. The fact that ramps are not required due to the thin profile (7/16’’) of the tile as well as its revolutionary seamless interlocking system, makes this product unique, Because of their ex-treme wear resistance, Because they will last for years.

  • Self-draining, anti-slip, anti-fatigue
  • Indoor & outdoor use,
  • UV protected, resistant to oil, grease, petroleum, most household chemicals
  • Excellent wear resistance, multipurpose
  • Built to sustain extreme weight (70,000 lb/
  • Easy to clean, easy to assemble
  • Can be cut with an X-acto, a jigsaw or hachsaw
  • Made from recycled PVC
  • Made in Canada, 10-year warranty

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