Tech Specs

Lumin’s workshop Textured EVA Foam Sheets are the perfect way to add fine detailed textures to your armour or props!

To use, simply cut out a piece of textured foam for the size of your project, heat the back side with a heat gun and then form to the required shape. For best results, we recommend building a base with a thickness of foam thinner then you require your final piece, then layer on the texture foam as a skin. Since the texture foam is made from our Form-Lite EVA Foam, it can be stretched to create a skin over formed curved pieces without the need for a seam.

Note: Heating the front will result in a loss of texture definition.

These textures are pressed on to our Form-Lite EVA foam.

Technical information:
Thickness: 3mm
Density : 125kg /m3
Hardness: Shore 45

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